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Thanks for visiting Program We're a startup. Okay. Maybe so far we're more like a hard-working and client-centered developer in a room.

We want to write your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

And you to love the result. And you to brag about our work to friends.

JavaScript for the browser. JavaScript standalone.

JavaScript from scratch. JavaScript you want us to augment or maintain.

All the HTML and CSS to go with it. We want to create your beauty.

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About Program

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Garry Flemings established Program He worked extensively with programming languages and system development in college. Further, he excelled and enjoyed the work. He wishes he could have professionally developed and used those skills earlier in life.

Since college, he has studied and learned about changes in software development while earning a living as close to it as possible.

For 24 years, he managed information technology projects (government and industry; large companies and small; systems and application software development; IT infrastructure; large projects and small; employee, manager, and mentor; and employee and consulting).

For a year, he rigorously prepared for work in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. He is glad to be "home" to software development.

IEEE has recognized Garry as a Professional Software Engineering Master (and the preceding certification name) since 2005. He also maintains a certification with the Scrum Alliance. His certification with the Project Management Institute is in "Retired" status because he no longer derives income from project management.

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